Authentic Moments: Dolly’s newborn session

Disclaimer: This is going to be another post where I harp on my love for in-home sessions. I know I talk about them a lot but I can’t stress the beauty of them enough! If I had to describe my style of photography, I would with two words…”Authentic Moments”. I search for them everywhere and I try to go into an environment where those beautiful memories will just naturally happen. When you are in your own space, with the ones you love, it’s a no-brainer. I’m so happy that my husband and I were able to do Dolly’s newborn photos at her home with her sweet parents. She was comfy and happy because she knew where she was. We didn’t do any crazy uncomfortable poses…she wasn’t hot or cold. It was easy for us to stop at anytime and just let her get in a little snack or nap if she needed one. We sat back and captured her parents love on her and then we just let her do her thing. Every moment you see below occurred authentically. These type of memories are special…not the clothes, not the props or poses…the feelings, the kisses, her tiny feet and the way her father looks at her. The session took an hour and we left three happy humans completely at ease and excited about their session and memory cards filled with sweet moments. Can’t wait for your next one!