Molly + Marcus: Lowndes Grove Engagement Session

First off…MOLLY AND MARCUS ARE MY DREAM COUPLE! They were absolutely the best to work with. Molly works at Lowndes Grove so she really wanted to do their engagement session their. That was music to my ears because it is one of the most beautiful wedding venues in Charleston. The main house showcases 1786 circa architecture and it is right on the water. Their is a gorgeous dock is surrounded by Charleston’s gorgeous wetlands. The first location that we went to inside the house was on the third floor and had the most gorgeous window. Molly told me that they rarely go up their because it is supposed to be haunted….that just made it even more of a must for me! We explored every inch of the house, take photos along the way. We then went outside and walked the dock and I had them kiss under the oaks. When we finally made it to the front yard, I had them running and racing like they were kids again. They went with it gladly and we had the best time. This is how a session should feel…full of fun, love and memories.