Jessica + Blade’s Cotton Dock Wedding

Ohhhhh Charleston and it’s crazy hurricane season. It’s definitely one of the few downsides to living in the Southeast. This year, Hurricane Dorian threatened to hit our coast as a Category 3. Jessica and Blade aren’t from Charleston and had no idea if they would even be able to have their wedding since it was due to hit the day before. The hurricane never came on shore here but we did get some high winds and lots of rain. We were definitely so fortunate and their was only minor damage. I was so impressed with our whole team of vendors and Jessica and Blade! They were so easy going during a very stressful situation and you can could tell that they just wanted to get married…rain or shine, on the Cotton Dock or not. You see, these are MY TYPE of couples. The type that are just too in love to let things out of their control get under their skin..they went with the flow and everything worked out! It wasn’t hard to understand why the majority of their guests who were from different parts of the country would travel to Charleston right after a hurricane to be there for them. They are kind, fun and very special humans. I’m so glad they had the gorgeous day they absolutely deserve.